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In-house Assessment Validation Serviceassessment-validation

RTOs are required to perform systematic validations to review their assessment practices, and as part of their own continuous improvement process.

Under the Standards for RTOs 2015, all RTOs must implement a validation plan. The new requirements are very prescriptive regarding when, what, who, and how validations will be conducted and how the outcome will be used.

The above requires RTOs to update procedures and record keeping systems to meet the new clauses 1.9 – 1.11 and to train their own staff members to perform validations up to the new standards.

Insources has developed a complete solution for RTOs: In-house Validation Service.

In-house Validation Service Outline
As part of the In-house Validation Service, an outsourced Vocational Education and Training expert will lead your validations and the complete system to be used for validation including:

  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Forms, templates, guidelines
  • Training of staff members.

How the Service works
The Service consist of two simple steps:

  1. System set up
  2. In-house validations implementation.

System set up
We provide you with all the policies, procedures, templates and forms required to perform the validations and we work with you to create the validation plan for the following five years.

During this process, our consultant defines with you the training products to be validated, procedures to calculate evidence samples, dates, and logistic details of the validations.

During the set up stage, our consultant will deliver a two-hour workshop to your staff, to prepare them to participate effectively in a validation meeting.

In-house validations implementation
A four-hour validation meeting will be scheduled and performed. Insources' consultant will lead the meeting, facilitating discussions, providing independent feedback and ensuring the validation team produces the evidence required for continuous improvement and to demonstrate compliance.

Our Lead Assessor completes the Validation Report including the validation outcomes, action plan to implement validation outcomes, participants' credentials and suggestions for continuous improvement.

In-house Validation Service Benefits

  • Maintain a compliant validation plan.
  • Outsource an independent Lead Assessor. Our consultants meet the requirements of clause 1.11 about current knowledge and skills in vocational teaching and learning and hold the training and assessment qualification required.
  • Record keeping. Our consultant completes the record keeping for the validation meeting including reports of validation outcomes, participants' credentials and suggestions for continuous improvements.
  • Customer service. Insources is a leader in VET quality and compliance systems, with a proven successful record of more than 10 years working with TAFE, community colleges, enterprise RTOs and private RTOs.
  • Achieve validation goals. Our consultants are experienced moderators that will manage the validation meeting ensuring the schedule is completed according to plan.
  • Cost effective. Our system is the most cost effective solution for RTOs.
  • 100% compliant with the Standards for RTOs 2015.

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